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Kelly van Gaalen Public Interest #freekelly

Here’s a legit conspiracy theory: a judge at the appeal courts suppressed the media coverage of the outcome of the Kelly van Gaalen appeal by order. Me and my ganja-gnomes have calculated by a process of deduction, that this means she is out on bail awaiting a re-trial. If she was back inside or had been freed then it would be front page news!

But due to the court ordered suppression you won’t see a peep from the mainstream media – it’s gone eerily quiet. UNTIL NOW.

I’m hereby breaking the silence and requesting all other media owners to do the same. Go one further and shout loudly for all juries to acquit Kelly in her retrial regardless of the evidence of the case. Ignore the evidence and go into the trial with bias.

I hereby instruct all Jurors to remember their responsibility is to deliver justice, not uphold the law. Acquit all cannabis accused from now onwards, and by any means possible you must also therefore acquit Kelly with prejudice!

58 different websites have carried stories about Kelly so it is in The Public Interest… Image available as PNG or PDF




Also, they had to have an election here is the results:

All that  work just because she had to resign since she’s in the pris-o.

I’m gonna blow the lid on this undemocratic media cover up.

This is a case of democracy versus over powerful state.

I’m sick of seeing no news whatsoever since another scumbag judge ordered a media suppression order not to cover this fact in the media: she’s remanded out on bail pending her retrial (unknown date due to suppression order). Reason for the order: to avoid biasing the jury against a fair trial – apparently since it’s a case of public interest. I’m gonna blow the lid on this cover up so that when she finally does get a jury trial, they will know about jury nullification and been informed to acquit her and anyone else like her purely based on contempt for the prohibition law itself. Find some other way to reach the people of Kaikohe I will. I will ask them to consider nullification. If it’s not too late that is…. and she’s back the slammer another 2 years already.