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Join the Cannabis Indirect Discrimination Human Rights Class Action

Due to the passage of the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Act 2018, it is now possible (in theory) for a small number of humans in Aotearoa to legally possess cannabis products. This means they can be allowed to have human rights for the first time ever. The person needs to have cancer or an advanced progressive life-limiting condition and is nearing the end of their life.

Yet the police have been shown to show little regard for human rights. Such as the right not to suffer Indirect Discrimination arising from:

  • The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty is an important right no?
  • The aroma / smell of cannabis (compared to other drugs) leads to out of balance police response
  • Presumption of guilt based on smell is a violation of UN-UDHRC Article 11 and our own BORA Bill
  • Section 65 of our Bill of Rights Act 1993 protects citizens from Indirect Discrimination

Indirect Discrimination Class Action

Under Section 65 of the Bill of Rights, Cannabis users, suppliers and growers should find some kind of protection from indirect discrimination, which is described as:

Where any conduct, practice, requirement, or condition that is not apparently in contravention of any provision of this Part has the effect of treating a person or group of persons differently on 1 of the prohibited grounds of discrimination* in a situation where such treatment would be unlawful under any provision of this Part other than this section, that conduct, practice, condition, or requirement shall be unlawful under that provision unless the person whose conduct or practice is in issue, or who imposes the condition or requirement, establishes good reason for it.

* I will argue that it is on the basis of race, culture and religion. Similar to if a ban on Indian curry could lead to discrimination of Indians, other races also enjoy curry so it may affect them and other cultures. Since the aroma of a freshly cooked strongy curry carries in the air, they would be unfairly punished if such a curry ban were to exist, I say the cannabis prohibition has the effect of a ban on culture due to the use of smell. Something that you can’t take a photo of.

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