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Cover up revealed: NZ Courts Illegitimacy Revealed By Tongan Newspaper Kele’a

prize court act 1939Our naval-military style courts evolved from some nasty kind of martial law “prize courts of the sea” back in the 1939 Prize Courts Act. I believe this hints are their illegitimacy, as I will show in this ground breaking article!…

Has the true nature of our prize courts has been covered up?

UK dignitary Prince William may have been embarrassed not so see his Flag of the King when opening the new Supreme Court in 2010. This non-appearance of what was once our national flag drew attention to the illegitimacy of our courts, according to Tongan newspaper Kele’a:

On 22 December 2009 the New Zealand Police issued case file number 091218/6055 against Prime Minister John Key,  his Minister for Justice on charges under the Crimes Act 1961. […] Since March 2009 the NZ government knew that the courts operate outside the law. This information was denied to the Queen with no knowledge of such unconstitutional practices happening in the NZ courts. […] To save The Queen and Prince William from embarrassment, all members of the NZ Parliament including the executive Brand of Government were notified on 22 December 2009 that the Supreme Court can not produce a “Statement of Confidence” which would meet The Queen’s constitutional standards. […]

2010-01-18 prince william to open nz supreme court

It will concern Prince William that the 1835 “Flag of the King” that he is named after was not in the court seal when he opened the Supreme Court on 8 January 2010. […] What was the founding document signed by the NZ Natives Chiefs on the 12 June 1902 that allowed the current NZ flag to become the flag of the courts including the Seal for the Courts, Parliament, and Police?


The Māori, well aware of stories of colonisation in the pacific were keen to avoid losing Aoteroa. They had seen what happened in Tahiti, Solomon, Papua New Guinea, etc and made sure it would not happen here, travelling to meet with King William and creating his Flag of the King.

But our country was stolen by subterfuge in 1840 in the treaty.

All Blacks 1st Tour of England

To the Māori the 1835 Declaration of Independence of New Zealand was key to it: NZ was already an independent sovereign nation* in 1835. Our first governer and co-author of the Treaty of Waitangi – Hobson – was dispatched from London in August 1839 with instructions to establish a British colony in New Zealand by way of  a “voluntary transfer” of sovereignty from the Māori to the British Crown.

On 21 May 1840, in response to the creation of a “republic” by the New Zealand Company settlers of Wellington, who were laying out their new town under the flag of an independent New Zealand (The Flag of The King shown above with the All Blacks), Hobson decided to assert British sovereignty over the whole of New Zealand, despite not asking The Queen and despite the incompleteness of the treaty signing!

He sent soldiers to Wellington on 25 May 1840, and the council of the settlers was disbanded. Their leader, William Wakefield, later travelled to the Bay of Islands to pledge allegiance to the Crown. His suggestion to make Wellington the capital was rejected in favour of Hobson’s plan for a new town on Waitemata Harbour, to be named Auckland after the Earl of Auckland.

A cover up was instituted when the Queen became so embarassed and upset that another way had broken out in her newest colony, she dispatched Ponsonby Peacocke in 1858 to hustle Hobson out of his job and punish him by sending him onto an island in the Harbour.


2010-02-03 Dilemma of NZ flag and court seal

This begs the questions:

  • Whose idea was the treaty of Waitangi?
  • Did they forget NZ was an independent nation in 1835?
  • Why did it get done in 1840 when it took until 1850 for The New Zealand Constitution Act to be voted in by the UK parliament?
  • Did New Zealand get taken over renegade out of control police force

See also: Prince Williams speech at opening of NZ Supreme Court in 2010 –

John Wanoa explains

The Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key charged by NZ Police under Crimes Act 1961 for Prince William opening New Zealand Supreme Court without a Statement of Confidence of the Monarch Queen of England Court seal or oath of office to Queen Elizabeth II who is the Head of EU Parliament. Prince William was left red faced being a namesake of KING WILLIAM IV and no mention of his Great Ancestor in this Supreme Court.

And for something completely different… but similar!

1835 Declaration of Independence of New Zealand