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Lethal Dose of Cannabis (LD50) is 20,000 joints in 15 minutes

I was curious to check exactly how safe is cannabis?

For a kiwi woman, 92 grams of pure THC would likely kill 50% of them. But that’s like 20,000 joints in 15 minutes; and likely based on intravenous injection of pure THC into monkeys.

It’s Non-Toxic and Prevents Bladder Cancer

It turns out Marijuana is non-toxic and very safe to consume with a vapouriser. Smoking anything is dangerous, unhealthy and to be avoided, but non-combustive forms of consumption actually  reduce incidence of bladder cancer by 45%.

Don’t ask me check the NIH study that involves 84,000 men aged between 45 and 69. It showed that of the 34,000 cannabis-only users, only 89 developed bladder cancer during the 11 year study (less than 0.3% incidence), which was statistically significantly less than the 190 men (0.4%) who did not report cannabis use. See:

89 people with cancer versus 190 with cancer. Pretty clear numbers.

That’s insane in the membrane and a fairly major discovery!

I decided to check if it is non-toxic and it appears to be so far if you check the LD50 level of THC. This is the level at which 50% of subject perish from the lethal dose. to get the THC needed to maybe kill you, you would need to consume 1500 pounds of ganga in 15 minutes in order to get the toxic effect.

Mind = Blown!!!!!

Also the old study that showed toxicity was when they strapped gas masks on the animals and suffocated them to death, that’s plain cruel.

Some Example Lethal Dose Numbers For Comparison

The average New Zealand female over the age of 15 weighs 72.6kg so I’ll put the lethal dosage for this weight in brackets at the end of each line.

  • Oral LD50 of grain alcohol: 10.6 g/kg in young rats, 7.06 g/kg in aged rats
    • 769 grams of alcohol is equal to 1.9 litres of 40% spirits
  • Oral LD50 of nicotine: 50 mg/kg in rats
    • 3.6 grams of nicotine or 300 cigarettes @ 12mg per cig
  • Oral LD50 of Table Salt: 3 g/kg in rats
    • 217 grams
  • LD50 of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (active ingredient found in Cannabis): Fischer rat, oral 1,270 mg/kg 1.270
    • 92 grams of what would need to be essentially pure THC for example hash oil
    • That would likely cost between $4k-$10k worth of product I reckon
  • LD50 of smoked and inhaled Cannabis or Marijuana: unknown, at present it is estimated that marijuana’s LD-50 is around 20,000 to 40,000 joints
  • LD50 of batrachotoxin: estimated at 1 to 2 µg/kg in humans
  • LD50 of Polonium 210: estimated at 10 (inhaled) to 50 (ingested) nanograms in humans makes this one of the most toxic substances known. One gram in theory could poison 100 million people of which 50 million would die.