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Smooth psychedelic funk from Auckland based The Triptonites – playing a guerilla style set outside the Auckland District Court at Dakta Greens overnight vigil.

Playing at Thirsty Dog on Friday 17 June 2016

US Drug War Meme

US Drug War Meme

This stuff looks like its the bomb:




Props to the dude in this video.

I’ve just created a new section of the site called “Funny”. This is where I’m gonna chuck all the amusing weed info I can find! Please help me by contributing either as a blog writer or just put some cool shit in the comments! Cheers! – Secret Stoner.

Protestors light a bunch of weed in a police station in NZ
This is some pretty crazy footage that TV3 got when protestors ambushed a police station all at once and set of a “cannabis bomb” (I’m guessing this is just a ball of cabagge weed?) down at some police station:—police-to-decide-on-charges/tabid/309/articleID/185985/Default.aspx

More footage of protestors smoking up in the cop shop but not getting arrested!