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Pot Friendly Countries Global Rankings

Embarrassingly, New Zealand is down at position 37 where I dump all the other countries with full on prohibition in effect.

I’ve created a methodology for ranking countries based on whether cannabis is legal to possess and sell, based on data from the Legality of cannabis by country page on wikipedia. I imported and cleaned the page text and loaded it into Excel for some number crunching and to run my ranking algo. The resulting Printable version PDF and the source Excel file are available. After position 37 it’s just sorted alphabetically, but the first 40 have been calculated using some formulas based on personal use presumptive limits, hence why US Virgin Islands is so high. Probably Spain should be at position 16 instead of North Korea but hey it’s just a first draft designed to help see the data more clearly.

Pot Friendly Countries Global Ranking - First Draft

Pot Friendly Countries Global Ranking – First Draft