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Shown below are prison population graphs from Corrections NZ showing daily prison muster numbers, taken from pages such as the December 2015 summary. My OIA Request 429890 seeks to obtain very fine-grained database access to the full set of  Corrections anonymised database tables for the past 10 years, including one-way salted hashes of prisoners CRI/CRN numbers to provide protection for privacy respect to the privacy act), including columns or fields for “gang” / religion / tattoos or whatever you have, I will be able to plot on a daily chart the numbers similar to how Corrections has itself done on the website.

To illustrate I have collected a series of graphs taken from the December summary pages…

2008 to 2011:


2010 to 2013:


2011 to 2014:


2013 to 2015:


2014 to 2018 (predicted):