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Auckland Monthly 420 Protest: Friday 6 May 2016

First Friday of Every Month at 4:20pm

**UPDATE** Next month is NATIONAL J DAY see: this is on Saturday 7 May

Last month’s Facebook Event Page:

Start: 4:20pm until approximately 6pm
Albert Park Band Rotunda
(near Princes Street map)

Auckland Monthly 420 Protest

Auckland Monthly 420 Protest

Like a J Day that happens every month! The basic concept: bring some weed, musical instruments, posters, and things related to cannabis for a jam, smoking session, and general open discussion to promote the legalisation, taxation and regulation of our holy sacramental herb mother ‘tiva!

Future events to be held on the first Friday of every month at 4:20pm starting out with this one (and Friday 5th February) in the Band Rotunda at Albert Park but potentially moving to a larger park if or once it gets bigger!
It is not our fault the government has been slow to consider taxation of such a universally useful plant and that a “farmers market” of ganja would be a useful resource for discovering and trying new strains and flavours.

2016 Protest Calendar

Friday 8 January

Friday 5 February

Friday 4 March

Friday 1 April (April Fools Day!)

Friday 6 May

Friday 3 June

Friday 1 July

Friday 5 August

Friday 2 September

Friday 7 October

Friday 4 November

Friday 2 December