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A Jury Can Protect Society With A Conscience It Can Nullify A Law It Believes Is Unjust

Quiz: In New Zealand, is the defence forbidden from advising the jury on it’s purpose?

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Jury Nullification Power!

A jury is designed to

protect society from lawbreakers, but it is also a means to

protect society from bad law

Jury independence is your power to

judge the law as well as the evidence

Since it has a


A jury can nullify a law

that it believes is unjust

No matter what the evidence, it’s your moral obligation and natural right to

declare the defendants of non-violent drug charges NOT GUILTY!

Judges are not required to inform you of

Jury Nullification Power!

In many jurisdictions it is forbidden for

attorneys to advise a jury of the possibility, and jurors must learn of it through extra-legal sources – like this art.

Fear of jury anarchy guides

such restrictions, and there are examples of nullification gone awry (e.g., racist juries refusing to convict white supremacists for killing black people)