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Sad day in 2009: NZ Medicinal Cannabis Bill Suppressed

I was researching whether any cannabis bills are in the ballot and found the Greens discarded bill from 2009.

Shame on these 86 members of parliament for suppressing this medicinal cannabis bill! Below you can see a table of who did and did not vote for Metiria Turei’s Medicinal Cannabis bill back on that sad day in July of 2009. She is from the green party. The sad thing is that if you click on this link to a search for ‘cannabis’ on Parliament’s Proposed Members Bills search, you see there is not currently a single bill in the ballot currently.

So I called up the Parliamentary office of Greens co-leader Metiria, and spoke with Jack Mcdonald about my issues, and wishes to have the bill re-introduced, here is a video transcript of me making the call today.

I then proceed to ask Jack about the system and how it works, as I am very interested in resolving this stand off between pot smokers and the government.

For a number of reasons Metiria is no longer championing her medicinal cannabis bill: She no longer holds the justice portfolio; is now a co-leader and is understandably pushing the more generally appealing housing bill; and because each member can have only 1 members bill in the ballot at a time it would need to be re-introduced by another member. The Greens have 14 members and 7 bills in the ballot, so there is room for a bill I say, and the cooling off stand down period has likely expired therefore the bill can be re-introduced. The ballot spins generally 12 per year and there are currently 70 bills in the ballot on the proposed members bills page.

Therefore Jack mentioned I petition Kevin Hague to re-introduce the bill on 04 817 8253 which I plan to…

Justice minister is currently, Amy Adams, arguably a carbon copy of Crusher Collins, and just as dodgy.

List of MPs who voted for and against the Medicinal Cannabis bill in 2009

Ayes 34
Ardern J Fenton (P) Kedgley Robertson G
Beaumont Fitzsimons King A (P) Roy H (P)
Boscawen Garrett Lees-Galloway Sepuloni
Bradford Graham Locke (P) Street
Burns Hague (P) Mackey Turei
Chauvel (P) Harawira Moroney (P) Twyford (P)
Cunliffe (P) Hide (P) Norman (P)
Delahunty Hipkins Pillay (P) Teller:
Dyson Hodgson Prasad Chadwick
Noes 84
Adams Dean Key (P) Shanks (P)
Anderton (P) Dunne (P) King C (P) Sharples (P)
Ardern S (P) English (P) Laban (P) Sio
Auchinvole (P) Finlayson Lee (P) Smith L (P)
Bakshi (P) Flavell (P) Lotu-Iiga Smith N
Barker (P) Foss (P) Macindoe te Heuheu (P)
Bennett D (P) Gilmore Mahuta Tisch (P)
Bennett P (P) Goff (P) Mallard (P) Tolley (P)
Blue Goudie Mapp (P) Tremain
Borrows Groser (P) McClay Turia (P)
Bridges (P) Guy (P) McCully (P) Upston
Brownlee (P) Hawkins (P) Nash Wagner
Calder (P) Hayes (P) O’Connor (P) Wilkinson
Carter D Heatley (P) Parata Williamson (P)
Carter J Henare (P) Parker (P) Wong (P)
Choudhary (P) Horomia (P) Peachey Woodhouse (P)
Coleman Hughes Power Young (P)
Collins (P) Huo (P) Quinn
Cosgrove (P) Hutchison Ririnui (P)
Curran (P) Joyce (P) Robertson H (P)
Dalziel (P) Katene (P) Roy E Teller:
Davis Kaye Ryall (P) Goodhew

Motion not agreed to.

The result corrected after originally being announced as Ayes 34, Noes 86.