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The Peptide Canon – I Can Grow A Rope Into Space

After a cone of the very highest grade I just had an amazing idea: a self erecting space canon that “grows itself” based on long-chain cellulosic molecular slingshots. The slingshot can be an ultra-long polypeptide – basically a genetically modified plant protein – it can be a plant, flax or hemp is likely ideal due to it’s “disordered cooper pair” layout of the electrons in the carbon scaffold. After each cycle of growth is complete, a chain reaction begins and the slingshot “cracks” open but while doing so it pulls a pulley up and builds a weak foundation for the next foundation, also made of cellulose. Give me 20 years and $20 million dollars I reckon I could build a prototype in 5 years capable of building a structure about 1k in height capable of a lateral torsion of say a ~gigapascal this is 10% of the strength required to build a rope it space made of weed. You will be $5 million down before we know if you have wasted your money or not. Most of the angel investment is for the genetic alteration of a hemp strain to get to 1MPa strength, this task is likely actually to be much harder than I imagine but you have to try. It came to me in a vision about panspermia – a theory that I do not especially believe in but sounds quite nifty – where an alien life-form catapults seeds into space using peptide canon.