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My Submission To The Select Committee on the TPPA

Based on the guidelines at I have made the following submission to the government panel.


SecretStoners Submission to the Select Committee on TPPA

John Stone
Kotahitanga Church of Cantheism Aotearoa Legalise NZ
Suite 6734
PO Box 83000
Wellington 6440
New Zealand

To the TPPA select committee of the democratic dictatorship of New Zealand

If TPPA goes through I am looking forward to starting a US based Cannabis company and suing the snot out of the NZ government for standing in the way of the return of our previously legal cannabis economy, and the rationalisation of the race-hate based Nixon-led war on drugs – a cultural psychopathy on an international scale which NZ’s 37th parliament signed into law in 1975 without any public notice and little debate in the house. USA never ratified it’s version of the Misuse of Drugs Act interestingly.

…and here in 2016 we see our 51st parliament doing a similar thing, bending over backwards for the US with great haste and little public input – and the same unlikelihood of US ratification of the same notions.

Your governments behaviour is so irrational and irresponsible that you have caused an awakening. All through our country the 1% are joining up. I have seen this because I am part of the uprising. I have decided to cease working and dedicate my life to the cause: the creation of new constitution for our country that respects co-evolutionary plants like cannabis; and one that respects the findings of true scientists not economists.

I will now proceed to facilitate the creation of an electronic democracy where all citizens can vote in realtime on all legislation passing through the house. A true democracy. The passage of laws will become fluid and laws can be undone in future with the ability to revoke and change votes a maximum of 8 times.

I will also work towards the creation of a communications network capable of government overthrow via mass messaging capability. Nice work fools. This would never have happened had you simply legalised cannabis before passing the TPPA. You have awoken a raging bull. We are all now joining forces. For more info see John Key Wants War Between Maori And Pakeha and also in this post from The Guardian we see:

Last year, David Morales, El Salvador’s human rights ombudsman (a state post created as part of the peace process after the country’s civil war, fought between 1979 and 1992) took out a full-page ad in the national newspaper La Prensa Gráfica calling on the government to review all of the international investment treaties it has signed, with a view to renegotiating or cancelling them. Luis Parada, representing El Salvador in its dispute with Pacific Rim, agrees that this would be a wise move: “I personally don’t think countries get as much from these treaties than the risks that they incur in international arbitration.”

Repeat it. El Salvador’s human rights ombudsman.

I have personally discovered – through an official information act request – the following evidence of corruption in the police force use of the proceeds of crime act, but have not pressed charges yet. My evidence shows that in 10 years from 2003 until 2013 the police did not take or declare any income from the proceeds of crime act in Napier, New Plymouth, Invercagill, and Hamilton, and in the top three we see very unusually bumpy numbers: 1st: Whangarei with $3.7 million dollars, 2nd: Christchurch with $6.9 million, and 3rd: Auckland with only $0.8 million and this is summed over a ten year period.

Take the case of Paul Heinrich who sent a bunch of red roses to his girlfriend. The police claimed they were white chrysanthemums which is polish symbol for death, therefore he is from the police mafia? As a result of this love gesture (sending flowers) was tied naked in custody by the police for 2 days, beaten and tortured (video interview with the man), then found by a shocked officer covered in blood and urine. He was then deported away from his wife and children. No police were charged by the officer involved got moved from Henderson station to Helensville as punishment, and also has since changed his name. Paul Heinrich was acquitted by the judge of all charges.

The pastor who went to prison to marry Paul and his wife also got time in remand prison, likely without charge. Credit to Vinnie Eastwood’s Natural Media Coverage of the case. I say Natural Media like Natural Medicine is to Alternative Medicine.

Request to Give evidence at hearing

I respectfully, but rightfully demand a hearing to give oral evidence to prove my claims.

Specific Issue For My Hearing

I will provide evidence to show that the ISDS provisions of the TPPA may risk  undermine the UNDRIP 2007 declaration made by the United Nations, designed to protect the customary rights of indigenous peoples to their ancestral use of plants in their life. Read about my church’s interpretation of this text as a holy text in our religion here. The basis is a concern that the power of sovereign nations to govern themselves (in regards to protecting the peoples health, environment, education, and human rights) is at direct threat by the TPPA and the ICSID international investors court.

This study of all 351 lawsuits completed so far at the ICSID shows that they are are mostly concerned with eroding citizens natural rights to clean water, air, and soil. It would appear the primary purpose of the ICSID is a race to bottom to consume 100% of the available resources of planet earth in the shortest possible amount of time, for example:

1. Loewen Group (Funeral home conglomerate) versus Iowa. Subject: “The requirement to post bond and the jury trial system violated the company’s investor rights.”

2. S.D. Myers (Trash company) versus Canada. Subject: Canada bans export of PCB toxic waste, this violates US companies right to pollute the world.

3. Lone Pine Resources (Petroleum extractor) versus Canada. Subject: “Quebec imposed a moratorium on fracking to conduct a study of environmental and health effects”

4. Insurance Bureau of Canada (Insurance cartel) versus Canada. Subject: New Brunswick, Canada recommended that the province develop its own public auto insurance program, which goes against NAFTA-prohibited “expropriation” of their market share.

5. Pac Rim Cayman (Gold extractor) versus El Salvador. Subject: El Salvador’s refusal to grant a mining permit to the company amid a major national debate about the health and environmental implications of mining and the announcements, by presidents from both the right and left parties, of a moratorium on gold mining

6. Vattenfall (Energy firm) versus Germany. Subject: its decision to phase out nuclear power following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

7. Phillip Morris (Nicotine pusher) versus Australia (and NZ by definition). Subject: Australia’s choice to enforce plain paper packaging for cigarettes. Successfully scared NZ from enacting plain papers laws.

8. Renco (Smelter) versus Peru. Subject: government denied the 3rd extension of a non-compliant toxic metal smelting operation that allegedly injured children.

9. Metalclad (Trash company)… it just goes on and on for 351 lawsuits! 

I hereby call on Parliament not to ratify, and a full and binding scientific independent assessment of all health, social and environmental impacts, that is approved by two out of three heads of statistics of the universities of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in order to prove authority and correctness of the study and recommendations.

Yours sincerely, John Stone.


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