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Represent yourself: How to defend yourself in NZ Courts

Today is the birth of a new category on the website: How to defend your self in court or “Rep Self” as I like to say!

I’ll update this category with useful information relevant to the self defence in court as it comes to hand!

Request a Pre sentencing indication – simulates a Guilty plea, buys your more time to prepare your defence. Here you can ask for a jury trial and they will be able to strike out your charges because they do not feel cannabis is serious enough for it.
Consult a duty solicitor.
A good article about the Pre Trial Process is here on the Community Law website.
Finally, Appeal your sentence in the High Court. More info soon…

Duty Lawyer Notice at Auckland District Court

Duty Lawyer Notice at Auckland District Court


Ask for a Jury Trial!

Toward the end of the alcohol prohibition in USA, juries ceased convicting good honest people for alcohol, and the same will happen in New Zealand soon I believe.

For charges that are to be heard by a judge alone, without a jury, the case review will take place 30 working days after the defendant pleads not guilty.

For Category 3 offences (that is, offences carrying a prison term of two years or more), defendants have the right to choose a jury trial, and if they do so, the case review takes place 45 working days after the not guilty plea.