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Some good news about that shocking election: 192% increase in party vote for Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party!!! Good work dakta kiwis! OK, maybe you’re saying going from 0.25% to 0.48% aint much, and yeah you’re right. But that’s 9,516 people fighting against an oppressive, evil totalitarian waste of time racist prohibition. Freedom must come to our innocent political prisoners. However, I am growing tired of waiting so more action is needed.

Also, the only party with a greater increase was the Greens with an exactly 200% increase. Considering that the green party is powered by the awesomely intelligent and talented Metiria Turei, who is anti-prohibition, perhaps you can say this is a strong signal the public are giving the government about legalisation?

We just saw NZ’s shit-est election with the lowest ever voter turnout ever since records began back in the 1800s.

2011  Party Votes Change  Percentage Change  Seats Allocated
ACT New Zealand 21,446 62.22% 1.07 70.86% 1
Alliance 1,069 65.14% 0.05 71.43% 0
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 9,516 165.55% 0.48 192.00% 0
Conservative Party 55,070 new 2.76 new 0
Democrats for Social Credit 1,432 132.72% 0.07 140.00% 0
Green Party 211,931 175.85% 10.62 200.38% 13
Labour Party 541,499 57.89% 27.13 66.01% 34
Libertarianz 1,405 148.52% 0.07 175.00% 0
Mana 19,898 new 1 new 1
Māori Party 26,887 55.71% 1.35 63.68% 3
National Party 957,769 107.64% 47.99 122.74% 60
New Zealand First Party 135,865 104.42% 6.81 119.06% 8
United Future 12,159 19.98% 0.61 22.85% 1


Official results from the NZ 2008 general election, sorted by votes:

Party List
Parties(Grouped)  Seats Allocated  Votes  Percentage
Independent 0 0 0
The Republic of New Zealand Party 0 344 0.02
OneNZ Party 0 478 0.02
99 MP Party 0 601 0.03
Direct Democracy Party 0 782 0.03
Libertarianz 0 946 0.04
Democrats for Social Credit 0 1079 0.05
New Zealand Family Rights Protection Party 0 1178 0.05
Alliance 0 1641 0.07
Christian Heritage NZ 0 2821 0.12
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 0 5748 0.25
Destiny New Zealand 0 14210 0.62
Jim Anderton’s Progressive 0 26441 1.16
ACT New Zealand 1 34469 1.51
Maori Party 0 48263 2.12
United Future New Zealand 2 60860 2.67
Green Party 6 120521 5.3
New Zealand First Party 7 130115 5.72
National Party 17 889813 39.1
Labour Party 19 935319 41.1

Get your mates together and come support the NZ theatrical release of Smokescreen, a brazilian made documentary about drug prohibition around the world and in Brazil. This screening in NZ is part of the ReelBrazil film festival. For more details please see the official Smokescreen page on ReelBrazil. You can get tickets to the Wellington screenings here, however, when I checked on the Rialto site, it was not possible to get tickets on what is as far as I could tell the Smokescreen page on Rialto.

Smokescreen raises the subject of drug policies in effect worldwide, focusing on their social and political implications in countries such as Brazil, England, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Argentina and the US. Its premise is a rethink of countries’ prohibitionist drug policies. The confronting documentary discusses some of the consequences of such drug laws, such as violence and corruption, reaching unacceptable levels.

Through interviews in Brazil and abroad with physicians, researchers, leaders, policemen and representatives of civil movements, the filmmaker and journalist Rodrigo Mac Niven introduces a new vision of the early 21st century. It is a documentary that questions prohibition, and discusses the complexities of a taboo subject with honesty and transparency.



Screening times:

Friday 23 September 6:30pm Wellington Paramount Theatre

Sunday 25 September 3:00pm Wellington Paramount Theatre

Tuesday 27 September 6:30pm Wellington Paramount Theatre

Friday 28 October 6:30pm Auckland Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

Sunday 30 October 3:00pm Auckland Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

Tuesday 01 November 6:30pm Auckland Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

Here are some pics from around the ‘net collected together from the J Day Auckland 2011 event, which was fantastic. Please send yours in, I can blur any faces if required before upload.

This first one is arguably the best and captures the shot I was hoping to find from the day. Thanks to Gonzo. It was exciting to be part of such a large 4:20 smoking celebration, definitely I have not seen that much being smoked in one place, this even beats the Sly and Robbie concert.

Smoke City

From infonews:


Saturday 7 May – 1p2m – 4:30pm

Official Page on NORML.org.nz

J Day 2011 (NZ)
J Day 2011 (NZ)

UPDATE: Dam Native have been confirmed to play at the official J Day Auckland after party at Kings Arms from 7pm!

This is happening in: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Hastings, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill

NORML presents J Day, the international day of cannabis liberation!

Free events (R18) are happening in:

Auckland – Albert Park
Hamilton – Lake stage
Tauranga – venue TBC
Hastings – Library steps
New Plymouth – Puke Ariki landing
Wellington – Frank Kitts
Christchurch – New Brighton (by pier)
Dunedin – The Octagon
Invercargill – venue TBC

All events start at high noon and go til about 4:20.

Strictly R18 – No alcohol – No dogs – Good times!

What J Day is about:

J Day is an international celebration of the cannabis culture and protest against prohibition, now happening in over 200 cities around the world, on the first Saturday in May every year.

Most J Day events feature music from supportive bands and DJs, guest speakers, market stalls, cannabis information and activation. But entertainment is not really the point: come to J Day to show your support for sensible drug law reform.

J Day is a positive, happy, celebration.

How you can help:

- dress to impress
- don’t bring any alcohol or dogs
- bring placards & signs
- wear your fave pot t shirt or badge
- learn your Civil Rights before you go (see http://norml.org.nz/topic7.html)
- help spread the word
- help us put up posters and distribute fliers
- call gig guides & talkback radio
- help us find food & market stalls
- help us clean up after the event

Thanks to all our helpers, supporters, musicians, stall operators, and our sponsors:

The Hempstore
Space V2
The Daktory
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (ALCP)

J Day 2011 (NZ)

J Day 2011 (NZ)

Here is a letter I received as a comment from a guy called Drago, who is a reader of the blog. Thought I’d tidy it up a bit and post it here as a blog.

I have been thinking about the lobby to legalise maryjuana in Canada. And based on my extensive research, I have concluded that legalisation is inevitable. More and more of our best and brightest, in the universities are experimenting with pot, and finding it harmless. The common sentiment is that pot alleviates stress, helps with loss of appetite, and with the intraocular pressure which results in glaucoma.
In this particular application, pot is being found to be a workable alternative to the installation of an ocular shunt. A medical procedure which allows intraocular fluid to drain from the eye, through a small tube.
Or health care system must embrace organic alternatives. They are at the door, and certainly worthy of consideration and review. Yet our laws and social mores are considerably narrow in scope, and clumsy in application.
My review of the efforts of the proponents of legalisation has shown a few shortfalls in their collective efforts, in particular, and their socio-political profile in general. Clearly, legislators and the public, are not persuaded to consider a worthy deference to these dedicated crusaders of social development. The emphasis on legalisation is ever stifled with the spectre of “recreational use”. This “focus” generally stifles an intelligent and informed review of all the facts. Generally too few facts are taken into consideration by the public, and legislators. Too much emphasis on “use for pleasure” has misbalanced the debate from a faculty of enlightened review. Part of the problem stems from a very naive approach on the part of the proponents of legalisation. they do not present an argument which would command a certain respect from the parties which oppose them. The opposition is a savvy collection of business people and lawyers in government, highly educated, highly capable, and highly competitive. And certainly adept at the classic repate of negotiation and debate.
I am writing this letter in order to solicit funding for a strategic review committee. I have worked out the essential planks of a new PR platform and an overall negotiation strategy. I have considered the problem thoroughly, and have isolated one instrumental flaw in the approach.
Lawyers and business people expect negotiators to have an itemised agenda of demands, expectations, arguments, and reasonable points of settlement. Succinctly, the classic negotiation strategy employs a very confident and demanding opening move: Ask for much more that you expect to get, in case your opponent is sleepy and unprepared. If you do not do this, you will not be respected as a shrewd negotiator, and by extension, you will not be respected as a capable and serious man. This is the most essential and common ethos of negotiation. Ask for more. And let the opposition talk you down. This “engagement” allows for a lively, and therefore committed debate, and the satisfaction of a hard won settlement.
The instrumental plank in my platform is unabashedly demanding for this reason. And for the same reason, stands a high chance of victory. It is realistic in terms of the general framework of arbitration strategies.
I am demanding much more than legalisation. I want pot to be mandatory. Mandatory for everyone above the age of 18. Pot should be in the water and in the air that we breathe. It should be in the food we eat, and in the fuel which propels our vehicles and heats our homes. It should be in people’s underwear and socks, as a sturdy insulation against this horrible Canadian winter. Pot should be grown ornamentally around the UN Building in New York, as a statement of purpose and mission. It should be mandatory among all people serving in the military. Especially the one’s who prefer RUSH.
I see a day when we will be writing on pot paper and wearing pot shirts.
I see a day when a man or woman will not be judged by the colour of their skin, the ethos of their creed, the content of their character, but by the quality of Cush which they provide at social gatherings. I see a day when there will be a pot leaf on every mirror, and on every bumper sticker. I see a day when hemp diapers will be saving the planet from disposable brands. Tragic deaths of dogs and wildlife will be alleviated by 98 percent from disposable diaper ingestion. If we achieve only this, we will have a considerable victory. I envision a day when the Rastafarian will have the same social credibility as a colonel in the Salvation Army. I see a day when the hippie creed will enlighten the droll and colourless into broad vistas of transcendental joy. I shall greet the day when boy scouts will reforest clear-cut swaths of our blessed wilderness with multitudes of Indicas and Sativas and that ever-evasive Cush. I see a day when parliament will be opened in the name of her royal majesty and proceed with the lighting of the bong. And will continue with debates on the meaning of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Capital hill in America will be awash in the delicious treats of Krispy Kreme. People will greet each other with a knowing nod, and “hooking up” will be the standard of social conciousness.
At this point, I believe, the opposition should be invited to partake. Here they will be riveted into a logical quandary. Either admit they do not know what they are talking about, or smoke up and join the party. Nevertheless they will be sufficiently disarmed and glowing with respect for the approach. “That’s what we want to hear”, they will say, and nod and smile. “It is good to discuss these things with a man of capability and understanding. “There is strength and dedication in your ranks”, “and we respect you as warriors”.” Live and let live”, they will say. “The smokers of the herb are focused and full of joy, and their celebration of consciousness has enlivened our multitudes, surely we shall rock on”….
In order to achieve all this, I need cash. Lots and lots of chash. As much as Guy Caballero could ever want or need. Lobbying is expensive. Booze and Prostitutes are eminently expensive. And plying the will of the political elite has never been a cheap proposition. It is a monumental undertaking and will require mountains of money. Your contributions will be tax deductible after the legislation has been changed. And all surpluses will be cheerfully refunded, in product.
Demand pot to be mandatory, and settle for legalisation.

This is a really good video.


Props to the dude in this video.


I’ve just created a new section of the site called “Funny”. This is where I’m gonna chuck all the amusing weed info I can find! Please help me by contributing either as a blog writer or just put some cool shit in the comments! Cheers! – Secret Stoner.

Protestors light a bunch of weed in a police station in NZ
This is some pretty crazy footage that TV3 got when protestors ambushed a police station all at once and set of a “cannabis bomb” (I’m guessing this is just a ball of cabagge weed?) down at some police station:


More footage of protestors smoking up in the cop shop but not getting arrested!



This bill sounds all bad – it will or could (hopefully not) take harm-reducing vaporisers away from our shelves! I sure hope Nikki Kaye (my local MP) doesn’t vote for it, or at least can argue my point below against some of the clauses.

Here is a quote:

Extending drug paraphernalia
Section 22(1A) of the Act (“headed: Powers of Minister to prohibit importation, etc, of controlled drugs”) provides that the Minister may from time to time, by notice in the Gazette, prohibit the import or supply of any class of pipe or other utensil, not being a needle or syringe, that may be used for administering any controlled drug or in the preparation of any controlled drug to be administered, either absolutely or subject to such conditions as the Minister thinks fit.

Control of the importation and supply of drug utensils
“The provisions for prohibiting the importation and supply of utensils used for the purpose of administering controlled drugs will be expanded to make it an offence to possess utensils for the purpose of sale or supply and prohibit the importation of incomplete utensils that, for example, require only the addition of a metal cone for burning cannabis to become usable. This will allow Police and Customs to more effectively enforce the utensils provisions and minimise the visibility and availability of drug paraphernalia”.

Control of the importation and supply of drug utensils
“The provisions for prohibiting the importation and supply of utensils used for the purpose of
administering controlled drugs will be expanded to make it an offence to possess utensils for the
purpose of sale or supply and prohibit the importation of incomplete utensils that, for example, require
only the addition of a metal cone for burning cannabis to become usable. This will allow Police and
Customs to more effectively enforce the utensils provisions and minimise the visibility and availability of drug paraphernalia”6.

They really badly need to make an exception for medical vaporisers! These devices allow a carcinogen-free delivery of the medicine to the patient, and banning them will create needless additional harm for no reason – an unintended side effect. A vaporiser works to reduce harm to the user by reducing the heat from around 400c for combustion down to where THC to boils at around 180c. Cancer causing free radicals are formed above 200c, thus the device is helpful. Or maybe the politicians want us to get ill, for example by making a pipe from an aluminium can etc.

Our suggestion for an improvement:

Insert an exemption for vaporisers… or an exemption for all marijuana utensils… or better still just remove  paraphernalia clauses altogether!!

Poster PDF Download Button

Poster PDF Download Button

This website was actually created primarily as a place to disseminate copies of a poster that I am working on. I want to do a large A0 size poster run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch using this official release version 1.0

It’s high time to

Legalise Marijuana!

Nice people take drugs too

Criminalising society reduces our GDP

Won’t need new prisons & save $60M/yr

Free up police and justice system to focus on actual crime

Helps bring trust back to the police force (and raise morale)

Cannabis Industry will stimulate Job Growth!

Foster pot-tourism to add billions to tourism market

Effective treatment for Glaucoma and Multiple sclerosis

Cannabis scientifically proven to reduce lung cancer!

God made weed, man made Alcohol – who do you trust?

Half of all Kiwis are criminals… because 52% have tried pot

Prohibition provides lucrative revenue stream to gangs

Pot seeds are a great source of nutrients

Hemp excellent in-demand quality fibre

Pot enriches soil by fixing nitrogen

Emerging Clinical Applications for Cannabis & Cannabinoids: A review of the recent scientific literature in 2009, reviews nearly 200 scientific trials assessing the therapeutic utility of cannabinoids for the treatment of nineteen clinical indications: Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, chronic pain, diabetes mellitus, dystonia, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, gliomas, hepatitis C, HIV, hypertension, incontinence, MRSA, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, sleep apnoea, and Tourette’s syndrome.

Also See: Endocannabinoids: The Brain and Body’s Marijuana and Beyond (Hardcover)

Cannabis more likely to cure cancer than cause it:

2009: Cannabinoid action induces autophagy-mediated cell death through stimulation of ER stress in human glioma cells, by Guillermo Velasco, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain.

2009: Cannabinoid action induces autophagy-mediated cell death through stimulation of ER stress in human glioma cells, by Salazar et al. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2009; DOI: 10.1172/JCI37948.

1975: THC Shrinks Tumours, by Munsen A.E et al. J Nat Cancer Inst, Vol 55, No. 3, Sept 1975.


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So the NZ Police are “testing the courts” by doing some pretty random and wasteful use of our countries resources in this horrible Operation Lime business… 9 district court judges have already refused to impose the bail conditions in this article,  and where we here about the way the cops are freezing some assets unfairly. This is such a waste of time and many of the charges won’t be able to proceed. It reminds me of the so called terror raids on political activists a few years back, many of which didn’t get convicted.

Who starts these investigations?

We need to bring these people to justice – the crazy prosecutors, inspectors and detectives who feel its a good idea to investigate start ludicrous actions on innocent people, who often go free. That is the harshest abuse that I know of, maybe we pot smokers should start a class action lawsuit against ‘em!

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