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Nice people take drugs too

Think about it: Nice people take drugs too. The desire for intoxication is not just human nature, but a behavior exhibited by other mammals too in scientific studies. So here we have totally nice people, never breaking any other law, earning their living, paying taxes, contributing to society in a meaningful manner, people like judges, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists, politicians, scientists, and janitors, going about their private lives just wanting to relax at the end of a hard days work with a nice joint and not be persecuted like a Falon Gung practitioner in China might be: hunted down and thrown in jail.

Nice people take drugs too - bus ad

Nice people take drugs too - bus ad

The whole idea of incriminating people for doing something natural and harmless like this is very counterproductive for society as a whole. Governments primary responsibilities are economy and the environment: To keep the economy ticking over we need law and order,  a system which was created to provide fairness and equality to all. The idea going that its just not cool for people to steal your stuff, be violent towards you, and other harmful things, and so law and order helps to create higher levels of trust and peace in society, and to remove the need to constantly arm oneself and ones house against all kinds of intruders (by creating ones own private security forces). The concept of law and order was never intended to be abused and turned against the people in a democracy, but this is definately what is happening with drug prohibition: New Zealand drug laws are used to arrest way more Maori than Pakeha in this country. Being in prison is also a precursor to a further life of crime too, so if the solution is to lock up 50% of the population (those who have tried Marijuana once in their lives), then overall the country would be in a worse position economically.

It would better for a country instead to turn against the prevailing stupidity of drug prohibition, and take the lead on the rest of the world. This could in fact result in a big hemp capitalisation. For example, if California was to legalise, it would be able to grow a majority of the weed for the rest of the states and make a tidy profit at the expense of other states that weren’t so forward thinking. Likewise, with Bolivia on track to legalise coca plants, it too could net some bigs wins in the cocaine supply world. New Zealand could become the Amsterdam of the south pacific, and eat into the canna-tourism market that Australia currently services, bringing additional wealth to our economy, and help strengthen our environment.

Recently we’ve heard that the government is planning to begin mining for minerals in our category 4 protected nature reserves here in NZ. Aparently there is a hundred billion dollars worth of gold and other minerals that could be dug up to bring some number of dollars into the economy (although the exact proportion is unknown – I suspect a foreign mining company would also stand to make millions, if not billions from the gold in our reserves)… none of which is renewable. A better bet would be to fully legalise cannabis in NZ, and this would be a renewable resources, and help us become less dependent on other nations, and boost the hemp export market.

Imprisonment of innocent people who have not harmed anyone causes the GDP to be lower.

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