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Justice System Quality Analysis

Is it possible to objectively measure the fairness of a justice system?

Idea: A leaflet would ask prisoners if they want to volunteer to be part of the survey, in exchange for a piece of fruit, 50g of cheese and 50g of chocolate per prisoner up to our limit per prison.

What percentage of inmates feel they were wrongly convicted?

Questions will be mostly general with true/false type answers:
  • How many charges are you facing?
    • integer number/n/a*
    • if the charges are very numerous, its ok to simplify or group them
    • this should allow you to provide succinct answers with clarity, for example to improve on a “maybe for all” to allow “yes to 1” and “no to 2”
  • For each charge or group of charges, were they drugs charge/s?
    • true/false/n/a*
  • Do you believe some or all of your charges are false? In other words were you wrongly accused/convicted?  Please answer no if you purely feel that the sentence was unreasonably harsh.
    • charges were true/charges were false/n/a*
    • If no, they can leave. If yes, continue
  • Is the law itself and/or it’s application was either wrongly interpreted by the courts, or is in fact an invalid law itself?
    • law itself is invalid/the law incorrectly interpreted to its intent/n/a*
  • If you feel wrongly accused/convicted, is this due in your opinion to a lack of non-circumstantial prima facie evidence, in terms of either quantity or quality in your opinion? Quantity can mean either zero  evidence or total lack, or incorrect quantity. Quality can mean the quality of the evidence was not high enough or was incorrectly understood; or also that evidence was tampered with or otherwise corrupted by police or witnesses.
    • due to bad evidence/evidence was sufficient/n/a*
    • quantity/quality/both/neither/n/a*
    • eg was it evidence quantity related or evidence quality related or related to both?
    • If no positive answers please skip next question
  • In regards to perceived lack of evidence in your own case, at which level do you feel the evidential quality reduction / tampering / falsifying / incorrect interpretation seems to have entered the chain?
    • please circle ideally just one to three of the following help us understand this best
    • judge / prosecution / detective / arresting officer / witnesses / own lawyer / yourself / systems failure / evidence was barred from being entered by the court / police destroyed evidence / none of the above / no comment for each charge please

* n/a means added to each question is option for not sure/no comment and answers apply for each charge