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Complaint to the Serious Fraud Office

I may have stirred a hornets nest… but I just made a complaint to the serious fraud office about discrepancies in the reporting of proceeds of crime forfeitures. Namely that how come over a ten year period they take $3.8M out of Whangarei, but $0 out of Napier, New Plymouth, Invercargill, and Hamilton? Either the cops are stealing all the cash from drug dealers…. or….. there is no illegal cash in those cities? This line of rationale goes that for a prohibition to work, they need to lock up every one of the 400,000 regular pot smokers and jail or execute them (recidivists need to be kept away from society). Hardened lifetime criminals are not people to be considerate to and rehabilitate – this is what preventative detention is about. Permanent removal from society. Richard Nixon is who we were trying to please when we passed that terrible law in 1975. Richard Nixon was anti-Jew and wanted them all locked up.

If you are curious about the 10 year log of all proceeds complaint see:…/