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Chris Wilkins Proposal on Cannabis Clubs

It’s a nice idea but has some issues, mostly the maximum (or is it minimum? That I could understand!) THC content limit which is shocking and arbitrary and non-scientific, and the fact we’d still have a black market for un-licensed bud, and no way to purchase whole-product medical buds (except pre-ground and pre-rolled or by growing it yourself). On the positive side it would be fantastic to have absolutely any movement at all on the subject, and by the sounds of it would create a centralised place to buy and sell government approved cannabis products. In effect, a government registry would be fantastic since you would have literally thousands of products to choose from eventually – if I understand it properly.

This from Chris Fowlie at hempstore:

Under Wilkin’s proposed model the government does not grow the cannabis, it licenses production just like with hemp to a variety of producers – some may be indoor, some may be outdoor, or organic, the idea is there would be a variety of cannabis producers making a variety of products. And by “cannabis products” he means cannabis with some form of processing – so it can be distinguished from black market cannabis – e.g. ready rolled joints with logos, balms, tinctures, pre-ground buds for vaping, basically anything except unprocessed bud. Most tobacco smokers do not insist on unprocessed tobacco leaves, they are happy to purchase “tobacco products”, so other than “fuck the government” purists who think anything except “no rules” will be a disaster, I think most cannabis users would be very well served by this model – and if they want more, or insist on smoking bud, they can grow their own, or register as medical users. There is no model that will make 100% of the people 100% happy, but this goes a long way to keeping most people mostly happy (including traditional opponents like police, etc), which is what we will need to bring about law reform.

This from Wilkins’ page at Massey

Approved cannabis products would have a limit to the amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – the principal psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) allowed, and a required minimum level of CBD (cannabidiol – the non-psychoactive ingredient, known for its medicinal benefits).

They would only be produced and sold by the government, ensuring a high price to restrict demand and generating tax revenue to support treatment counselling, health services and enforcement. “The Government will be the only producer and the only seller, and that’s a means to keep the price high and also collect tax.”