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Good secrets are possible: things like a tasty recipe, your unfinished album, or company staff payrolls. Privacy is lovely, but we swap it for convenience often.

But the cesspool of bad secrets farmed by the CIA and NSA are a toxic wasteland of bad secret information. Harbouring the waste is risky, in 2015 the NSA got hacked revealing the home address and personal details of 4 million employees! One good way to protect against such a breach would be to just delete the stuff and recycle the hard drives. Here is an astonishing one hour lecture by a hero named Kevin Shipp. Turns out the CIA put in charge of Kennedys assassination was fired by Kennedy earlier. That shows how quick the shadow government took control over. All attempts to curtail so far get sunk in classified quagmires, odd suicides and hits.

Flag of the CIA

Film maker Arik is raising funds for part two of his excellent Druglawed doco!

DRUGLAWED is the explosive documentary exposing how New Zealand has been co-opted by the US into fighting the failed War On Drugs.

Filmed in six countries over four years, this is the documentary that finally clears the smoke around the international prohibition of cannabis.

Over the last 100 years the US government has forced its disastrous drug policies on almost every country on earth. 40 years since Richard Nixon declared the War On Drugs in 1972, 22 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana. Only one country in the world has higher arrest and conviction rates: New Zealand.

DRUGLAWED examines how New Zealand fell in lockstep with US policies, and shows how smaller countries can break out.

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Smooth psychedelic funk from Auckland based The Triptonites – playing a guerilla style set outside the Auckland District Court at Dakta Greens overnight vigil.

Playing at Thirsty Dog on Friday 17 June 2016

Toi Iti and Russell Brown speak with Chris Fowlie – a Cannabis Activist, Huhana Hickey – a Medicinal Cannabis user and Hirini Kaa – a skeptic of the moves to legalise the drug and dismayed by its ill-effects.


“We’re in a special period, one of the most difficult periods in our history.


Because we’re alone confronting the Empire.

What does this require?

Unity, Courage, Patriotism and Revolutionary spirit.

Only the weak, cowardly people surrender and go back to slavery. An honourable, courageous, such as ourselves, never surrenders or goes back to slavery.” Fidel Castro.

Finally finished off this tune:

Cultural Psychopath (Smoke Weed Everyday) feat. Fathe Nassir [extended mix]

Cultural Psychopath (Smoke Weed Everyday) feat. Fathe Nassir [extended mix]

Amazingly, through the genious of my international aggregator Distrokid, it’s available on the following stores: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, Microsoft Groove, Beats/MediaNet, and Shazam

It is also available outside my Distrokid network at: Bandcamp (Hifi Flac file: 96 Khz 24 bit), SoundCloud (free download)


Lyrics for Cultural Psychopath


That way. It’s a new day. It’s a happy day. Finally in a better place. In a better land.

[chorus 1]

Smoke weed every day that’s what I do.

It’s my life and my rights and my mind to throwa way into orbit too.

And who are you to say that is so bad and who are you any fucking how?

And how come its taking so long? You’re a cultural psychopath treating people that way, that way, that way.

[verse 1 – fathe]

That way; What I really wanna say… is that one day, we will fly away;

To a better place, to better land, to a better life, where there is no talking about mean or nice.

Just me and you in paradise, shake it shake it like a dice.

Finally in a better place. In a better land, in a better life.

In a better land, in a better life where there is no talking about mean or nice.

Just my journey in your paradise, don’t shake me like a dice. (x 2)

[chorus 2]

[verse 2 – Sir Funkalot]

Mmmmmm. Who ‘ you to do those things?

Who ‘ you to do the things that you do? Those things?

But give thanks every day that’s what i do.

I’m not contributing less than you.

I’m not a criminal im just like you.

I’m a person with hopes and dreams of freedom one day that are true.

And I won’t stop till I’m through. But I’m through you… and you… because…

You’re a cultural psychopath, treating people that way, that way, that way.

[chorus] x 3

[in a better land] repeats

[mmmm] edit / medley / keyboard solo

[outro – Fathe]

Weed, smoking weed now, I feeling like irie what more can I say?

Show the beat one time, too many now.

None of that fiction museum (Marijuana)

I and I are feeling Irie (Marijuana)

Smoke weed every day….. (and a better life)


This post is inspired by a frame from feature documentary The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007), an incredibly good fast paced documentary which is embedded below.

The Entourage Effect

The Entourage Effect

Here’s a legit conspiracy theory: a judge at the appeal courts suppressed the media coverage of the outcome of the Kelly van Gaalen appeal by order. Me and my ganja-gnomes have calculated by a process of deduction, that this means she is out on bail awaiting a re-trial. If she was back inside or had been freed then it would be front page news!

But due to the court ordered suppression you won’t see a peep from the mainstream media – it’s gone eerily quiet. UNTIL NOW.

I’m hereby breaking the silence and requesting all other media owners to do the same. Go one further and shout loudly for all juries to acquit Kelly in her retrial regardless of the evidence of the case. Ignore the evidence and go into the trial with bias.

I hereby instruct all Jurors to remember their responsibility is to deliver justice, not uphold the law. Acquit all cannabis accused from now onwards, and by any means possible you must also therefore acquit Kelly with prejudice!

58 different websites have carried stories about Kelly so it is in The Public Interest… Image available as PNG or PDF




Also, they had to have an election here is the results:

All that  work just because she had to resign since she’s in the pris-o.

I’m gonna blow the lid on this undemocratic media cover up.

This is a case of democracy versus over powerful state.

I’m sick of seeing no news whatsoever since another scumbag judge ordered a media suppression order not to cover this fact in the media: she’s remanded out on bail pending her retrial (unknown date due to suppression order). Reason for the order: to avoid biasing the jury against a fair trial – apparently since it’s a case of public interest. I’m gonna blow the lid on this cover up so that when she finally does get a jury trial, they will know about jury nullification and been informed to acquit her and anyone else like her purely based on contempt for the prohibition law itself. Find some other way to reach the people of Kaikohe I will. I will ask them to consider nullification. If it’s not too late that is…. and she’s back the slammer another 2 years already.

Fuck the police and Fuck John Key.

Please purchase a copy of the single here: (Hifi24 bit Flac) or on the following store links: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon etc and on SoundCloud (free download)

I find it hard to see how it’s reasonable for the police to come around the back of my house, claim the smell of burnt cannabis and invoke a search where they go through every flatmates room, including mine when I was not home smashing the doors off their hinges, only to find 1 gram of cannabis as a result, some seeds and a bong!

1 "grams" of cannabis was found

2015-06-19 13.22.04 door hinges 2015-06-19 13.22.58 Off The Hinges 2015-06-19 17.55.31 Bolt Held Up Good 2015-06-21 17.21.44 receipts

The week later they came back again, did the same – claimed to smell burnt cannabis this time when none had actually been consumed, searched and found an ounce allegedly bagged for sale. SirFunkALot is facing years in prison just for burning a dried flower bud. Please help him pay back over $12,000 in legal fees so far incurred, by purchasing a copy of the single on iTunes, donating funds to the Give A Little page, or even just listening in on Spotify all helps.


Shot on location in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand:
– Old Kawakawa to Opua railway track turned bike track
– Orongo Bay Radar dish from WW2
– thanks to Dad and Dell for the use of their studio in Okiato

I was forced to use my Roland SPD-SX drum pads in USB mode for audio input into Logic 9, thus it’s 16 bit 48 khz for the vocals and drums. Tassman 4 Synth and Discovery Pro for the bass. Strum Electric GS-1 for the guitar. I’d normally record through my MOTU 8pre setup, but such is the environment I found myself in this year.


Fuck the police ‘n Fuck John Key…
…and every gangsta who be messin’ with me,
I ain’t, done nothin’ wrong (nah)
I only smoked a few trees
and if you try to say I’m bad I’m like
nigga pleeeease.
[verse 1]
I don’t sell crack. I don’t sell smack.
and if you try to say that i will attack back
defending our rights to indigenous medicine
cos anything else would be a sin (hippocratic)
cos hip hop be my next of kin, I’m like an
incinerator I keep burning them (I ain’t
finished yet) nah i just begin (yeah yeah)
and you’re the one who’s sinned – (not meeeeee)
cos im on higher ground (sir funkalot)
cos my rights been found (cos i funkalot)
from the highest heights (i funkalot)
i get real irie aights – (I chant down babylon)
(chant down babylon)
(chant down babylon)
(chant down babylon)
[verse 2]
ya fucking hick shit. illiterate.
i got the icky icks, no stems, seeds or sticks
imperial metric, by the ounce i do flick
through the doors of perception,
smashing through your front window,
this shit’s as thick as a brick
thick as a brick
thick as a brick
thick as a brick (like your head)
thick as a brick
thick as a brick
thick as a brick
thick as a brick (like my dick)

(I chant down babylon)
(A chant down babylon)
[verse 3]
I do not sniff the coke i only smoke
sensibly i toke, sinsemilla is dope
pigs i hope you fucking choke,
you’re fuckin’ laws a joke! (Hahahaha)
when your backs against the wall
eyes on the prize
when your back to back to babylon
boy or boy girl or girl no matter who
ya killing the straw man
ya killing the seed! (join the dots)
something changed when took a gun out of a gangsters 10 hands,
with my own hands, 11 wasn’t part of the plan, but then i
thought, i took his 12 mana, surprise! he wasn’t ready.
That’s when i knew, i could do what i wanna do, when i gotta do it.


High Definition Single Artwork

This file has 4.7k pixels across