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Several Oz of cannabis ‘breezes through’ Auckland Airport

Congratulations that man!!!



A medical cannabis patient from Golden Bay has become the first person to openly bring raw cannabis and concentrates into New Zealand.

Rebecca Reider was discharged without conviction for importing cannabis laced chocolates earlier in the year after her lawyer Sue Grey discovered a “loophole” in the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Now Reider has used the same “loophole” to bring several ounces of medicinal cannabis and concentrates into the country, which were prescribed to her in Hawaii.

Documentary maker Arik Reiss, director of Druglawed, described it as a huge victory for patients and progress as a whole for New Zealand.

“Rebecca Redwood Reider breezes through Auckland Airport customs on 19 August 2016 with several ounces of medicinal cannabis and concentrates prescribed to her in Hawaii,” he said.

“Kudos to her lawyer Sue Grey! This is the first legal raw cannabis flower in New Zealand since medicinal cannabis was outlawed in the 1960s.”

The full story of Rebecca’s legal cannabis importation is documented in the upcoming Druglawed 2 film.