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Auckland CBD Brawl 20 March

Earlier this year – March 20 – there was some bad ass brawls in lower Queen st in Auckland. It is my position that if these people – instead of drinking alcohol – had been toking on the high grade cannabis ciga-joints or vapes, they would not have been in such a fighting mood? They would have been extolling the virtues of reggae music and one love instead!!!

Stuff video:

Video source:…police-concerned-over-fights-in-auckland-cbd

The Fuzz say:

A team of Detectives have spent much of the day investigating the circumstances that left two men in hospital in a serious condition.

Police were called to multiple reports of disorder, with fighting outside the Ferry terminal in Quay Street, the McDonalds Britomart in Queen Street and the intersection of Quay and Queen Streets. It has also been established now that a large brawl occurred over many minutes in Fort St.

Two men, aged 18 and 24 years old remain in hospital this evening in a moderate condition as a result.

“Footage that has been posted on social media paints a very poor picture of what took place last night. Yet again, alcohol is right in the middle of this” says Inspector Ross Barnaby, Auckland City Police. Source:…/police-appeal-cellphone-footage-fights-central-auckland-overnight


There were fights in the early hours of Sunday morning outside the ferry terminal in Quay Street, the McDonalds Britomart in Queen Street, at the intersection of Quay and Queen streets and in Fort Street. The latter was a large brawl. Source:…article…223240


It also occurred to me that this is primarily associated with the new national law which instantly terminated all the 24 hour liquor licenses and forced places to close all at the same time, instead of allowing the bar managers to decide on their own volition – whether it be to close earlier or later than usual, de-synchronicity is useful at reducing these build ups of drunken crowds, competing for taxi space, sexual partners, kebabs, and hookers.